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The visual output system built into augmented reality glasses is referred to as the AR/MR glasses. It is often made up of small, lightweight, transparent screens or projectors that are placed in front of the user's eyes. The display superimposes digital data, graphics, and virtual objects on top of the real-world view, resulting in an augmented reality experience. The AR/MR glasses allows users to see both the physical and virtual environments at the same time, allowing for dynamic and immersive engagements with digital information. It has a wide range of applications, including gaming, education, healthcare, industrial training, and navigation, and it enhances real-world experiences with contextual data and interactive digital content.

Our products have been exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, and other continents and areas throughout the years, due to the support and love of new and old clients at home and abroad.

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0.39 inch AR Glasses Display

0.39 inch AR Glasses Display

The 0.39 inch AR Glasses Display combines high-definition graphics, superb contrast, wide colour reproduction, quick reaction, small design, power-saving features, and flexible input possibilities. It improves the viewing experience and performance of night vision scopes, resulting in better visibility and precision in low-light situations.

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