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AR/VR Microdisplay Technology: Silicon-based OLED


The display screen is one of the core components of the VR/AR headset. At present, Micro display technology mainly includes HTPS-LCD, LCoS, silicon-based OLED (Micro OLED) and silicon-based LED (Micro LED) display technology. HTPS-LCD and LCoS are passive display technologies, which have problems such as large volume and complex optical path. The technology maturity of Micro LED display is low, and problems such as LED miniaturization and assembly with the drive backplane need to be further solved.

At present, most AR/VR solutions still use LCD technology, and silicon-based OLED display technology, as an emerging display technology, has many advantages compared with LCD display:

Low power consumption, 20% less power consumption than LCD, and the battery weight can be lighter.
The operating temperature is wide, and it can work in the temperature range of -46℃~+70℃ without heating and cooling.
High contrast, LCD contrast is 60:1, OLED microdisplay contrast can reach 10,000:1.
The response speed is fast, and the time required for OLED pixel update is less than 1μs, while the update time of LCD is usually 10 to 15ms, a difference of 1000 to 1500 times.

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