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what's Silicon based Micro OLED Microdisplay?


Silicon-based Micro OLED Microdisplay is a type of microdisplay technology that is used in various applications such as virtual and augmented reality head-mounted displays, projectors, and optical instruments. Micro OLED stands for Micro Organic Light Emitting Diode, which is a type of OLED with a much smaller size and higher resolution, usually measured in micrometers.

Silicon-based Micro OLED Microdisplay is made from a silicon substrate that integrates the driving circuitry, which in turn controls each OLED pixel. This architecture can offer higher resolution and lower power consumption compared to other microdisplay technologies. The silicon-based micro OLED microdisplays are fabricated using advanced semiconductor fabrication technologies such as CMOS and TFT.

These microdisplays offer several benefits over other display technologies including high contrast, wide viewing angles, high brightness, and low power consumption. They also offer higher pixel densities, which result in more detailed and vivid images. The use of silicon substrate in these microdisplays also provides better reliability and higher yield during the manufacturing process.

Overall, silicon-based Micro OLED Microdisplay is a cutting-edge display technology that offers excellent performance, high resolution, and low power consumption, making it an ideal solution for many display applications.

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