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The principle of AR glasses


AR glasses are an augmented reality technology device that captures and processes digital information through built-in sensors and computer processors, and then projects this information onto a transparent display in front of the user's eyes to overlay the real world.

AR glasses usually consist of the following components:

1. Image sensor: Captures images and videos of the user’s surroundings.

2. Tracker: records the user's position and posture in three-dimensional space.

3. Computer processor: Processes captured images and videos and converts digital information into AR applications.

4. Display: Project AR applications onto a transparent display, display them within the user's field of view, and interact with the real world.

When a user wears AR glasses, the glasses' sensors collect and process data around the user and send it to a computer processor for processing. The glasses then project augmented reality images and information onto the display to create a new, relevant reality. world. This allows users to interact with AR applications and complete tasks more conveniently by seeing digital content and pointing objects.

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