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0.60 inch Infrared Night Vision Display
  • 0.60 inch Infrared Night Vision Display0.60 inch Infrared Night Vision Display

0.60 inch Infrared Night Vision Display

The 0.60 inch Infrared Night Vision Display produced by Shenzhen Optical Microsemiconductor Technology Co, Ltd. is a display technology used for specialized applications such as helmet displays, night vision observation, and electronic aiming. It is also utilized in consumer entertainment fields like thermal imagers, digital camera and camcorder viewfinders, entertainment gaming, head-mounted TVs, and AR/VR devices.

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Product Description

The quality 0.60 inch Infrared Night Vision Display is a compact and portable device used in security monitoring and military applications.

●It utilizes infrared technology to provide a clear view in low-light or no-light conditions.
●Commonly used in individual helmet displays, electronic sights, infrared night vision devices, thermal imagers, and electronic telescopes.
●Captures and displays infrared radiation emitted by objects, enabling clear visibility in complete darkness.
●Equipped with advanced imaging technology for converting infrared signals into visible images on a small screen.
●Offers high resolution and contrast for discerning objects and details in low-light environments.
●Used in security monitoring, military operations, night-time surveillance, target acquisition, navigation, and situational awareness.
●Compact size and lightweight nature make it suitable for integration into portable equipment like helmets or handheld devices.
●Enhances vision capabilities in challenging lighting conditions, contributing to the effectiveness and safety of military and security operations.

Parameters of 0.60 inch Infrared Night Vision Display

Display Size 0.60 inch
Resolution 800×600
Maximum brightness 3000  cd/m²
Display Color Full Color
Interface RGB
Color Pixel Arrangement vertical RGB strip
Active Area 15.19mm×14.36mm

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